Festivals are the celebrations which revive the culture and tradition of the society. They are very important because they increase the feeling of brotherhood and interaction among the people. Almost all the festivals are rooted in cultures and traditions. They have mythological stories and strong meaning. In the past people were more religious minded and they celebrated festivals in ethical manner. But due to global culture, and heterogeneous society, the intermixing of culture has increased. There are many festivals which people celebrate even without being attached to them. The common festivals are Christmas and Diwali.


Home-work is a revisional task assigned to a candidate for better performance. It keeps the candidate occupied and in touch with the studies. It is a part of traditional education and important method to make the candidate independent in his studies. It can be theoretical or practical. It depends on the subject. According to the survey, the practice subjects like maths, needs regular home- work because that increases the logical approach of the candidate.

During my school hood days, I remember the regular home works were assigned which used my capacity to study. But in higher classes, I was assigned the H.W on practical projects like chemistry and physics. But my favourite project was in social sciences. When my teacher made a group of 5 candidates to visit de-addiction centre, I visited there and felt very bad when I saw young boys, very tall and healthy, dipped in drugs. I found them in a very helpless stage. I prepared a questionnaire and asked them the reasons for taking drugs. Most of them were students and they were speechless. But few of them quoted the reason about family stress. This was a project which was very informative but on the other hand it made me feel very upset. I remember I recapitulated my project with the views that drugs are the silent terrorism given to the country by the neighbouring countries which is killing the modern youth and wiping off the strength of the country. I was rewarded for this project.

Q:  How many hours do you think a person should work?

A person on an average should work only between 8-9 hour depending on the deadlines.

Q: Let’s talk about movies. Do you think films on real life events/ history should be made?

Yes, as it can give us deep knowledge about a period of time we are not familiar about.

Q: Do you think we should ban movies showing violence?

Yes, as it can hamper with the mind of children and they might learn negative things from it. Movies are the mirror of society, so they have great impact on every section.

Q: Let’s talk about meditation. Do you prefer meditation?

Yes, sometimes. I do it because I find it very relaxing.

Q: What is the future of meditation?

Since the stress levels are all time high these days, I think the future of meditation is very bright and popular.

Q: What do people in your area do to get relaxation?

People in my area go for a regular walk or talk to each other in order to get relaxation. Like old people go for yoga or laughter exercises, whereas take swings and slides in the park opposite to my house.

Q: What are the effects of stress on people.

The stress has many negative effects on people such as depression, anxiety, sleeplessness and negativity in life.

Q: What are the various reasons for stress?

In my opinion, lack of time management and unable to set the priorities causes stress because the work load nowadays is increasing and the targets are unachievable.

Q: In future, what type of activities do you think will be popular?

In future, according to me the activities which are indoor will be more popular because digitalization is at its peak.

Q: What are the benefits of outdoor activities?

The benefits of outdoor activities are that it increases our stamina, gives us different environment and keeps us physically fit.

Q: What are the few outdoor activities?

Popular outdoor activities are playing cricket, football and going for a walk.

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