1. This module lasts for an hour (60 minutes).
2. There is no extra time given to transfer the answers.
3. This module is different for both academic and general training students
4. Reading booklet contains three sections with 40 questions in all.

How IELTS Reading is Marked

1. * Each question is worth one mark for both the modules.
2. * Spelling is extremely important. Check your spellings once before transferring the question to the main answer booklet
3. Grammar also carries marks. For instance, if the answer requires you to convert singular into plural or change the tense, then you have to do it or else marks will be deducted
4. Write answer with clear handwriting, or else you might lose marks.
5. * A hyphenated word (e.g. absent-minded) counts as one word.

TIPS To Score 7 Band

1. * Have a quick look at the type of questions asked, you’ll know what you will be expecting in the reading passages.
2. * Don’t try to understand every word you stumble upon. The reading is meant to be read, not understood.
3. * Learn the trick of skimming and scanning. In this way, you will save a lot of time.
4. * Do not spend more than 15–20 minutes on each passage and try to write the answers on the answer sheet.
5. * Read the instructions for the questions very carefully. Always look for the word count in answers.
6. * Don’t panic. Stay calm and relaxed.
7. * Don’t stress too much over one question if you don’t know the answer. Make a guess and move on to the next question.

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