IELTS Speaking Tips

Follow this Speaking test advice and try to talk fluently:

  • The Speaking test is a face-to-face conversation with a certified examiner. It is as close to a real-life situation as a test can get.
  • The examiner will ask you about familiar topics such as home, work or studies in part 1. This should help you feel comfortable when speaking. Try and relax so that you can speak as naturally as possible.
  • The examiner makes an inquiry and you can instantly think about an approach to reword it—i.e. express a similar importance at the end of the day. This is an exceptionally powerful procedure to show one of the center abilities that the inspector is tuning in for. Endeavour to do this a few times before the test.
  • Take time before the test to practise speaking with a friend or teacher.
  • Benefit as much as possible from your Speaking test:
  • Attempt to talk as much as you can
  • Talk as easily as could be expected under the circumstances and be unconstrained
  • Unwind, be certain and appreciate utilizing your English
  • Build up your answers
  • Talk more than the examiner
  • Try not to learn arranged answers; the examiner is prepared to detect this and will change the question
  • Express your suppositions; you will be evaluated on your capacity to convey
  • The examiner inquiries have a tendency to be genuinely unsurprising; so do at home and record it yourself.
IELTS speaking classes tips
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