IELTS Cue Card-Speaking Topic


  • What is a festival?
  • Why are they important?
  • Which is your favourite festival?
  • What changes have you seen in regards of celebration?

Festivals are the celebrations which revive the culture and tradition of the society. They are very important because they increase the feeling of brotherhood and interaction among the people. Almost all the festivals are rooted in cultures and traditions. They have mythological stories and strong meaning. In the past people were more religious minded and they celebrated festivals in ethical manner. But due to global culture, and heterogeneous society, the intermixing of culture has increased. There are many festivals which people celebrate even without being attached to them. The common festivals are Christmas and Diwali.

  • As I live in Punjab, where culture is homogenous and the main occupation of people is agriculture, Baisakhi is a very common festival which people celebrate together with enthusiasm and zeal. It is not only celebrated in villages but there is a wave of happiness even in cities. It has great importance and meaning. The farmers feel happy at the time of harvest. It shows the prosperity of the farmers. As this is the most important occupation which increases their economic standards. People get together, dance, enjoy and sing folk songs. I enjoy this traditional festival.

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